Do you tell your employees, colleagues and boss how much you appreciate their work?

  • How you enjoy working with them?
  • How talented they are?
  • How much better you think things are because they’re part of your team?
  • How much your think they add value to the business?

The list is endless.

The majority of us thrive when we feel valued. We want to be acknowledged as meaningful and effective contributors in our workplace. We feel good about ourselves when we know our bosses and peers think we make a difference.

It is not complicated, it is psychological and deeply rooted in us.

“Most theories of recognition assume that in order to develop a practical identity, persons fundamentally depend on the feedback of other subjects (and of society as a whole). According to this view, those who fail to experience adequate recognition, i.e., those who are depicted by the surrounding others or the societal norms and values in a one-sided or negative way, will find it much harder to embrace themselves and their projects as valuable.

Misrecognition thereby hinders or destroys persons’ successful relationship to their selves. It has been poignantly described how the victims of racism and colonialism have suffered severe psychological harm by being demeaned as inferior humans (Fanon 1952). Thus, recognition constitutes a “vital human need” (Taylor 1992, 26).” (Source: Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

Imagine we go to work every day and never feel our surroundings appreciate our input, our competencies, our intellect and last but not least us as human beings.

The consequence can be that we slowly lose faith in ourselves. Our self-worth deteriorates. It will influence the way we work and ultimately how engaged and committed we are to our companies. It may be a thought example because most of us have people in our lives who recognizes and supports us. Nevertheless, an important message if we want to thrive with our surroundings and businesses.

In a busy work environment, we’ve probably all been guilty of once in a while forgetting that “extra note of appreciation” to an employee or co-worker even to our boss, that “well done” or special “celebration of a success” – making them know that they are valued and special.

Recognition does not have to be difficult, we can start by remembering a few small steps:

  1. Say thank you
  2. Write a note of appreciation to a colleague, an employee, your boss
  3. Tell your colleague, employee, boss that you appreciate their work
  4. Celebrate a job well done! Invite for cake, have a drink after work…
  5. Spend time with a colleague, employee, boss to make them feel that you value  their company
  6. Tell a colleague’s boss how much you appreciate his/her employee’s work

Next step is to just do it! And if it doesn’t come naturally to you, write reminders in your calendar or notes to yourself. Then it’ll automatically become a part of how you work: A habit!

Let’s appreciate!