Simple – yet so powerful

Do you take the time to listen? And do you know that you can gain so much insight into the other person by taking time to hear them out?

In my opinion if you ask someone: “How are you doing?” No matter what, be prepared to hear them out. Make them feel listened to.

What happens if we don’t?

The question in itself signals: “I care about you”, “I’m interested in knowing how you’re doing and feeling”.

So what happens is that they may feel let down or of little value in the situation.

If you don’t have time to hear them, then don’t go there? Are you running late, on your way to pick up your kids, just say hi and acknowledge that you’ve seen the other person? Maybe agree to catch up another time.

What happens if we do?

If we take time to really ask “How are you doing?” and listen to the answer, the benefits are immense.

You will get a chance to connect with your friend, co-worker, relative, and/or child in a unique and focused way.

It can be an opening into getting valuable time and insight into what the person is filled with at the moment.

Is it happiness? Is it creative energy? Is it a personal challenge, where he/she may need your sparring? Is it a simple, we need to reconnect because we haven’t talked in a long time?

Happiness and creative energy can rub off and motivate you to start something, do more or less of another thing or simply just shine with the other person’s energy.

A personal challenge and struggle can be of just as much value. Maybe you can come together in understanding each other’s struggles? Maybe your solution may be different, different challenges, but the path to the solution could be the same?

No matter what, spending time and really listening to each other, investing time in each other can grow a relationship. Simple and we all know it. But not always that easy to practice in real life with busy schedules.

My theory is that we create better results together if we understand each other and a simple “how are you doing?” can get us far in that process.

In a workplace we often don’t have that much time to invest in each other and at the same time we need to solve problems and conflicts together.

If we know how our peers are really doing we will be able to work really well together.


How Are You Doing?

Try it out today on a co-worker, friend, neighbor, your kid, your husband, sister, mom, dad…..

And be prepared to hear them out.